The Academy Platform Is Changing

Dear Amazing Students,

Since October 2022, the Superstar Academy stopped accepting new students and closed its doors to the public. At present, we are in the process of making significant changes and transitioning the Superstar Academy to a new platform. This move ensures that our existing customers will continue to have access to our courses. 

 With both excitement and a hint of nostalgia, we must share some incredible news. After numerous unforgettable moments of growth, laughter, and triumphs, the Superstar Academy has reached a pivotal moment in its journey. We have created beautiful memories together, where we laughed, learned, and celebrated success as a tight-knit community. 

Now, it's time for all of you, our talented and dedicated students, to shine even brighter! Though our doors may be closing, fret not, for we are embarking on a new and exciting chapter. We are transferring everything over to a brand-new platform, ensuring that all of our current students will retain access to the Superstar Academy's treasure trove of knowledge. 

You'll be able to watch the courses, embrace new challenges, and continue your extraordinary journey towards greatness. To our existing students, we promise you an email, straight to your inbox, as soon as the new platform is up and running.

Rest assured that we will be there every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition into this thrilling new chapter. Remember, you carry the spark of greatness within you, and we have no doubt that your journey to success is destined to be spectacular!

Until we meet again, keep dreaming, keep believing, and keep shining like the stars you truly are. With endless gratitude and best wishes, The Superstar Academy Team 🌟